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Wednesday, Nov 4, 2020— Kauai, HI

I’m gingerly picking my way back over the stone path along the Kalalau trail on Kauai’s Napali Coastline. It’s the last 1/4 mile of an eight-mile hike to the Hanakapi’ai Falls. It’s my fourth visit to Kauai, my fourth hike on the Kalalau Trail, and my third visit to the waterfall. You could say — I’m addicted.

If you’re not familiar with the Napali Coastline, it’s where the jagged, majestic, verdant green volcanic cliffs meet the crystal clear and brilliant sparkling blue of the pacific ocean. …

I’m standing in my sister’s kitchen, discussing her bread dough, which sits warmly nestled in a stainless steel bowl. It’s in what’s known as the bulk fermentation stage, which means it will sit there for two to four hours.

She excitedly shows me her new bread-making accouterment: sourdough starter, new bench scraper, lame, artisanal flours, bannetons, work notes, and a prepped and sanitized work area. She’s like a new mom about to give birth. It’s her first loaf.

There are plenty of sourdough bread-making enthusiasts in the world, and I’m one of them. I’ve been lovingly producing weekly loaves for…

Don’t miss out on the Shroom Boom.

Psychedelic — From the Greek words ψυχή (psyche, “soul, mind”) and δηλείν (delein, “to manifest”), hence “mind-manifesting.”

The psychedelics industry is about to detonate. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re aware psychedelics are on the precipice of legalization. It’s not a matter of IF governments will legalize psychedelics; it’s a matter of WHEN.

As an investor, your best investment opportunities arise when you catch a trend early, and psychedelics have all the marijuana industries’ early days' hallmarks.

If you think it’s too early to invest in the industry, think again. Even though…

It’s free and easy.

If you’re like most people, chances are you’ve battled the bulge at some point in your life. And if you’re over 40, you’ve no doubt began to notice the ravages of time on your face and body. Maybe your muscles are weaker, your body feels softer, and you’re starting to see wrinkles and sagging skin.

If so, you’re not alone. Our modern, sedentary lifestyle and the availability of cheap convenience foods take their toll.

Unfortunately, the multi-billion dollar diet industry wants you to believe there’s a magic pill, potion, diet, or special workout to help you…

Or — What to do when Yoda’s not in his cave.

“When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.” — Yoda

Psychedelics are having a main-stream moment. The topic pops up in bedrooms and boardrooms, and investors are licking their proverbial chops, ready to pounce and feed on the future fatted calf.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re also interested in psychedelics. Maybe you’re a prowling, hungry investor. Or perhaps you’re up-to-speed on the medical efficacy of these powerful substances and are looking forward to the day you can use…

Bacteria, mold, and pests, oh my!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

You’ve gathered all the necessary accouterment, diligently followed the steps in The No-fail Beginner’s Guide, and are well on your way to your first magic mushroom harvest. Then — it all goes to “hell in a hand-basket” (as my mom used to say).

Ugh! All your hard work and excitement — destroyed.

It can be disheartening to open your growing chamber and see white fuzz or green mold all over your birthing cakes. …

In case you‘re still confused.

Almost no country’s been spared.

Since its ostensible origins in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 has spread across the globe. There are now an astounding 14.6 million cases and 608,000 deaths. And the numbers will likely be higher by the time you read this.

In March, the pandemic began in earnest in the United States. It’s the end of July, and now there are 4,280,135 verified cases and 147,672 deaths. The curve has made a savage and steady upward climb. …

Because someone needs to say it.

In 2008, the US government issued a formal apology for 400 years of slavery and the subsequent discrimination of the jim crow laws that marked African-Americans as second-class citizens.

Few people deserve a formal apology more than the millions of Black Americans whose ancestors were kidnapped from their country, violently beaten and bound, dragged to this country, and stripped of their freedom.

It’s nice that America finally apologized. But nowhere in the resolution does it actually say, “We’re sorry.”

The resolution calls slavery and jim crow a “stain on the nation.” It’s a statement…

Because no one likes a bad trip.

Visual imagery is part of the psychedelic experience.

Psychedelics are having a Cover-girl moment. Hallucinogenic drugs have always been popular, but an increased interest in their medical efficacy for the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental diseases, has reinvigorated a renewed interest in the research of these miraculous medicines.

If you’re new to hallucinogens like psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, DMT, and Ayahuasca, one thing might be holding you back. And it’s probably not the legalities of these powerful substances; it’s your fear of a bad trip.

And no one would blame you. If you read about a scary psychedelic…

Mason jars are good for just about anything.

Life on Earth, as you know it, would be impossible without the humble fungi. In the beginning, fungi played an essential role in the development of our oxygen-rich atmosphere by mining phosphorous from the rocks and transferring it to plants to power photosynthesis. So, without fungi, your life as a human wouldn’t be possible.

Also, fungi decompose practically everything that dies or decays. Without fungi, death would engulf the Earth, and make it virtually uninhabitable for you and every other living organism.

And Fungi impact your life significantly in ways you’re likely…

Janet Ashforth

Health and Wellness Author, Psychedelics Guru, Anti-aging Specialist

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